Swiss oversized equipment

Swiss oversized equipment

2 May 2016

Despite almost absolute lack of raw materials, Switzerland is among the leading top 10 producers of metalworking machinery. The country excels at unparalleled quality and engineering superiority of its products.

At the end of March specialists of our company organized the transportation of the metalworking machinery from Switzerland to Russia.

Swiss oversized equipment.PNG

Road permissions were required for the transit along the territory of Germany and Switzerland. Since it was vital for the client to load the cargo as soon as possible, we have formalized these permissions simultaneously. The German permission for the oversized cargo carriage was prepared in two days, while the Swiss one was prepared even quicker – in а day.

3.jpg 4.jpg

Transportation was complicated by obligatory pilot cars security escort of the cargo along the territory of Germany and Poland. The eighteen-wheeler with the cargo appeared to be 17,5 meters long, 3,4 meters wide and 4,25 meters high. The goods weighed 20 tons.


Thanks to the coherent actions of all departments, the cargo was delivered to the consignee less than in 2 weeks after loading.

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