Groupage cargo

Groupage cargo

Delivery speed
Direct daily EU-CIS hauls.
Opportunity to load on the applying day.
Execution of EPI by qualified specialists.
Online monitoring
Access to 24/7 vehicle tracking system*.
Daily morning reports on cargo location.
*The access is granted while the cargo is in an APS vehicle.
Delivery of all types of goods
Delivery of goods requiring temperature mode observance, including hazardous cargoes (ADR). 
Clothing and footwear. Pharmaceuticals. Cosmetics.
Foodstuff. Electronics. Spare parts. Chemical products.
Warehouse processing management
Tagging consumer label. EAC and KIZ marking.
Repacking. Palletizing. Weighing.
Storing, including under the customs surveillance.
Warehouse operation video control system.
Delivery without transshipment
  • Transportation of consignments from the consignor to the consignee by one vehicle.
Control of external condition of cargo
  • Assessment of external condition and packaging of the cargo along with prompt provision of photos on a client’s demand.
  • Required driver’s report from the loading place on the temperature, number, and weight of cargo in accordance with shipping documents.
Small-capacity trucks
  • Express delivery of small consignments by small-capacity trucks.
  • Running across Europe and the CIS free of traffic bans. Around-the-clock transit through Moscow.
Flexible pricing

Flexibility in pricing and long-term tariff system.

Transportation network
APS transportation network embraces all European and Asian countries. 
Well-coordinated liquid cargo handling process
Drivers' activity is regulated by the work instruction (job description).
Signed acknowledgement of each driver.
Cargo insurance
Carrier’s liability insurance.
Assistance in all-risks cargo insurance on a client’s demand.
All types of carrier's compulsory insurance.
Customs carrier

Providing transit of high-value goods without customs convoy, applying carrier’s financial guarantees to the customs authorities of the EAEU member states.


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