Online monitoring. Telematics. Geofencing

Online monitoring. Telematics. Geofencing

In its work, APS actively exploits modern technologies. Our clients have an opportunity to maintain personal control over cargo delivery process, transportation safety, and observance of an appropriate temperature in the semi-trailer. Information is available 24/7.

Online monitoring
  • Online tracking of the loaded vehicle.
  • Delivery speed control.
  • Door position (open/closed).
  • Coupling and alarm statuses (on/off).
  • Information on the temperature in the semi-trailer.
  • Informing of deviation from the specified route.
  • Notifying of entry/exit into/from a control zone.
Delivery safety
Opportunity to control parking sites and observance of the determined route.
Prompt information on border / customs inspections, duration of loading and unloading operations, and possible unauthorized actions in relation to the cargo.
Data objectivity
Access to online monitoring is provided throughout the entire route.
Notifications on the changes of any of the statuses are sent directly via the server, which eliminates the human factor.
Timely receiption of information
Information is updated every 10 seconds.
Time to collect and send data is less than 5 seconds.
Time from the occurrence of an event to the reception of the notification is less than 2 minutes.
Control of carriage on any device
Telematics and geofencing notifications are sent as messages to your email and / or phone.

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