Hazardous cargo

Hazardous cargo

Consultancy by specialists
Certified hazardous cargo transportation specialist with training experience in Germany and Belarus.
SQAS Attestation
Confirmation of the company’s reliability and high-level organization.
Attestation results on the SQAS website numbered 87118.
Carriage of high consequence dangerous goods
Assistance in execution of special permits for transit of high consequence dangerous cargo across the CIS.
ADR set in each vehicle
All drivers hold ADR cetrificates on hazardous cargo transportation training.
Providing extra ADR equipment on a client’s demand.
Delivery as part of groupage cargo
  • Saving on transportation costs.
  • Temperature-controlled ADR goods as part of groupage cargo.
  • Direct daily UN-CIS hauls.
Delivery speed
  • Delivery option engaging 2 drivers.
  • Execution of EPI by qualified specialists.
  • Vehicle examination at Repair and Technical Service Station in each transit.
  • Incessant control of drivers' work-rest ratio.
Control of external condition of cargo
  • Assessment of external condition and packaging of the cargo along with prompt provision of photos on a client’s demand.
  • Required driver’s report from the loading place on the temperature, number, and weight of cargo in accordance with shipping documents.
Online monitoring

Our clients are allowed access to 24/7 vehicle tracking and receive daily morning reports on cargo location.

Delivery safety

Well-coordinated transportation safety control process.

Transportation network

APS transportation network embraces all European and Asian countries.

Cargo insurance
Carrier’s liability insurance.
Assistance in all-risks cargo insurance on a client’s demand.
All types of carrier's compulsory insurance.
Customs carrier

Providing transit of high-value goods without customs convoy, applying carrier’s financial guarantees to the customs authorities of the EAEU member states.


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