Transportations of Rolled Metal

Transportations of metal products are a special area of APS-activity. Big weight of metal products requires special delivery conditions. For instance, in order to transport tubes there must be additional powerful lockups in the body of the semitrailer as the cargo is movable and there is always a risk of rolling. Metal products can often be oversized cargos which require special permits. However, it is not a customer’s trouble, as APS-specialists organize the permits obtainment.

The most frequently transported metal products are:

     – tubes necessary for many construction areas and industries. They have different shapes, length and diameters and are often oversized cargos, requiring a special approach during transportation;
     – channels from rolled metal used at construction areas and industries as bearing pads;
     – sheet steel of different thickness and square. When a sheet is less than 1 cm thick and an original package is provided, the cargo is easy to transport and unload.

APS has its own extensive truck fleet with carrying capacity up to 27 tons and body length up to 13.6 meters. Our trucks can transport any type of metal cargos. APS-specialists will help you to choose a truck for transportation of metal cargos and will help to cut its cost.

Geography of Metal Transportation

Metal transportations are extremely popular within the territory of Russia. Increasing demand in metal-roll and metalwork in actively developing areas of Russia is the main reason for such popularity. Products of ferrous metallurgy are used in residential and industrial constructions and are transported most frequently.

Complex metalwork transportations from Europe to Russia become more and more popular nowadays. The main difficulties with transportations of metals in these areas concern features of goods: in most cases, these heavy oversized cargos are transported as a part of project transportations.

The cost of metals transportation in any direction depends on several factors:

     – type of transported metal-roll, absence of original packages or necessity to install lockups in the trailer;
     – cargo weight and size;
     – preparation of customs and transit documents.

Please feel free to contact the nearest APS-office to learn the price of metal-roll transportations!