Morning reporting on cargo location

Morning reporting on cargo location

Morning reporting on cargo location suggests up-to-date information on the status of the carriage, which includes: location of the loaded vehicle, estimated date of arrival at the destination place, a link to online monitoring.

Location of loaded vehicle
  • Convenient presentation of information referred to transportation points, large cities, and country borders.
  • Reliable information based on satellite tracking data and driver’s messages.
Estimated date of arrival at destination point
  • Being updated on a daily basis with regard to traffic conditions, queues at borders, etc.
  • Convenience of planning the payment of customs duties, on-time issue of bill of entry.
Link to online monitoring
  • Online tracking of the loaded vehicle in one click.
  • Delivery speed control.
700 reports per day
Data on location of full truck and groupage cargoes in English/German/Russian.
Reports at your convenience
Taking into consideration different time zones and care that a client receives information in the morning hours.
Reports to all relevant addresses
Reports are sent to the list of addresses indicated by the client in a way that all the relevant addressees receive unique copies of reports in one moment, and the client doesn’t have to waste their time to forward the information.
Easy to navigate
Information in the report is displayed in an accessible way with indication of a reference number convenient to the client (order number, invoice number, etc.).

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