Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Since 1997, APS has been successfully operating in the field of transport logistics with a focus on providing a high standard of living today and in the future. In our work, we comply with both international and intracorporate standards aimed at a balanced consumption of natural resources, equitable distribution of wealth, and personal development.

Rational consumption
  • Use of condensing boilers for heating the head office and service station.
  • Heat recovery in the ventilation chambers of the building.
  • Use of economical water purifying systems at the car wash.
  • Network reactive energy management.
  • Waste paper collection and reclamation of secondary raw materials.

Social orientation
  • Comfortable working conditions and transfer of employees to the office.
  • Training and support programs for interns.
  • Regular trainings for professional growth and personal development.
  • Friendly atmosphere and eventful corporate life.
Environmental priorities
  • Cutting-edge EURO 5 and EURO 6 vehicles filled up with the AdBlue additive.
  • High-quality road train service and repair.
  • Efficient route planning and economical driving training to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Comfortable, well-constructed office and separate waste collection.
SQAS Attestation
Assessment of quality and safety management processes for sustainable development; the results are available on the SQAS website numbered 87118.
TAPA TSR 1, TSR 3 certificates
Compliance with the international requirements for ensuring security and safety of cargo.
GDP certificate
Confirmation of compliance with the requirements for good distribution practice of pharmaceuticals.
ISO certificates
ISO 9001 – Quality management system.
ISO 14001 – Environmental management system.
ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety management system.
ISO 39001 – Road traffic safety management system.

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