Transportation of machine tool for metalworking

Transportation of machine tool for metalworking

20 September 2017

Route: Germany – Russia
Carriage: oversized cargo transportation
Number of vehicles: 5
Cargo: machine tool for metalworking

Transportation of the equipment is a complex process, which requires the carrier to have certain technical and organizational capabilities. Quite often, such a cargo has heavy weight and massive dimensions, so the transportation grows into oversized cargo transportation. One more example of a successfully implemented project of this type is the transportation of a machine tool for metalworking.


Five trucks from the APS fleet were involved in total during the transportation:

– 1 mega trailer with oversized cargo 310 cm x 290 cm x 300 cm weighting 5.5 tons;
     – 1 low-bed semi-trailer with a cargo 553 cm x 330 cm x 358 cm weighting 17.5 tons;
     – 3 standard tilt semi-trailers.

              IMG_20170703_115810.jpg Independent movement of the low-bed semi-trailer was carried out only on the territory of Belarus and Russia in contrast to Germany and Poland, where accompanying of the cargo by pilot cars was an obligatory condition for the transportation.

All the vehicles arrived together, in one unit, at border crossing point, so the drivers quickly went it through, declaring all of the cargo parts as one commodity position.

Thus APS coped with one more oversized transportation, delivering the cargo just in time!

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