Industrial equipment

Industrial equipment

Transportations of Industrial Machinery

Any industrial enterprise has to renew its production lines and improve productive capacity. An important role in this process belongs to the carrier as it is responsible for the safety of the cargo, its on-time delivery, vast experience and modern truck fleet.

Mostly, industrial equipment is an oversized or overweight cargo and can require permits for transit through some countries. Transportation of equipment is a complex multi-step process which requires certain technical capabilities and organization skills of the carrier.

Machinery Transportation Services

Arrangement of equipment transportation can be divided into several steps:

     – preparation for the transportation: it includes consideration of delivery time, route planning and necessary documents execution;
     – APS-specialists obtain permits for transportations of oversized cargos: in case the cargo size and weight exceeds the norms (these norms differ in the EU and CIS countries) one must obtain special permits for transit. Sometimes topographic engineering or even removing of some elements of road infrastructure is necessary;
     – stripping and loading of equipment to APS-trucks: standard trucks with carrying capacity up to 27 tons and possibility of side loading or top loading  or special trailers for transportations of oversized or overweight cargos can be used;
     – cargo transportation to the destination via approved route. APS undertakes the liability to deliver the cargo on time regardless of the transportation complexity. Each APS-client has the access to the on-line monitoring system, which gives the possibility to track the cargo movement in real-time mode;
     – cargo unloading at the destination, check of its completeness and continuity.

When parts of one cargo are transported by several trucks, APS helps its clients to cut the customs costs clearing the whole cargo with only one declaration. 

When you entrust equipment transportation to APS you can be sure that skilled specialists will undertake the planning, document execution and all other formalities. Learn more about APS possibilities by filling in the feedback form or contact our nearest office.