Refrigerated transportation

Refrigerated transportation

Refrigerated Transportation

Refrigerated transportation is a perspective line of APS development. APS companies became owners of brand new refrigerated truck fleet (refs) and affirmed a strategic plan for developing this direction.

Being a customs carrier company allows us to provide refrigerated transportation services with any invoice value on the territories of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. Thanks to this we are able to complete deliveries in refrigerated trucks quickly shipping goods that require both temperature control conditions and higher safety measures.

Types of trucks for refrigerated transportation

When organizing refrigerated transportations with own transport we use new trucks, with the capacity of 66 euro pallets, when loaded on two levels. Each truck is equipped with temperature registering machine with printing option and a remote thermometer for online tracking. All refs are able to carry ADR cargos.

We provide various transports to carry your shipments:

     – single and double deck refs;
     – one- and two- chamber trucks – trucks that can carry, for example, cheese at +5 C and meet at -18 C;
     – for providing refrigerated transportation services we also use special isothermal trucks that not only maintain certain temperature inside the trailer but have a secure full-metal body, keeping transported goods intact. These trucks also have an additional locking device for maximum safety of your cargo.

Types of cargos to be transported in refs

We usually provide refrigerated transportation services for transporting a list of goods:

     – food products (including, perishable products and high risk products);
     – chemical products (including dangerous goods – ADR classes (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9);
     – medicines (including vaccines);
     – furniture;
     – high-value equipment (advanced technology equipment, containing liquids which should not be frozen).

Besides all the above, APS refrigerated transportation solutions cover transporting of the following:

1. Pieces of art, exhibits

Among successful project are:

     – transporting exhibition sculptures from Moscow to Switzerland with customer’s demand for maximum security;
     – delivery of an exposition for UEFA to Red Square in Moscow and to Dvortsovaya square in St. Petersburg, successfully accomplished with consideration of highest density traffic and road infrastructure in the city centers.

2. Apparel

Transporting with refrigerated trucks provides best climate conditions for exclusive products of textile industry, protecting from humidity and giving additional security. APS has made apparel deliveries for such companies as Kappa, Esprit, Morgan, Colmar, Hugo Boss and others.

3. Cosmetics

With our help Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Cerruti, Chloe, Jil Sander and Marc Jacobs’s cosmetics are brought to CIS

4. Pharmaceuticals

We deliver refrigerated transportation for well-known manufacturers – Berlin-Chemie AG, Bayer AG and Abbot BV – is now part of our regular work.

Special services on delivering goods in refrigerated and isothermal trucks.

We solve challenging logistics situations of any complexity, guaranteeing you fastest terms of delivery with minimum effort from your side. Professional APS staff will take care of preparing documents (invoices, export declarations, CMR), providing custom clearance and cargo insurance. Going with us, all your questions will have one answer – APS, The Solver.

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