Life at APS: celebrating New Year in united company and tasteful way

Life at APS: celebrating New Year in united company and tasteful way

31 December 2021
On the Eve of the most anticipated day of the year, APS plunged into the atmosphere of Christmas fairs and tasted traditional treats of European countries.

As the turn of the year was approaching, the working atmosphere of APS filled with the spirit of celebration: the interior got adorned with decorative compositions and sparkling garlands, and the main festive attribute – a decked Christmas tree – greeted at the entrance.

The street decoration was complemented with light figures, illumination, and snow lace on the trees.

0173 (2).jpg
We got infused with the mood of winter holidays not only due to the decor. Christmas Fair with treats and music is a great way to feel the magical spirit of the holiday. In an open-air marquee, we enjoyed the famous Belgian waffles, classic German pretzel, sweet orange gingerbread, and fragrant mulled wine. Loud festivities in the circle of colleagues became a bright end to the outgoing year.

The APS team congratulates you on the holidays and wishes good luck in achieving your plans, spiritual harmony, and conquering new heights!

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