We transport oversized cargos successfully

We transport oversized cargos successfully

21 July 2015

In June two APS-trucks were loaded with extremely wide cargo. A qualified APS-specialist, who deals with oversized cargos transportations, was sent to the loading place in order to control the loading process and the transportation itself. The cargos were delivered from Slovakia to Kazakhstan. The unloading place was situated near the KZ/UZ border.

While preparing for the transportation APS specialists planned a special route for truck’s movement via narrow road areas. Moreover, we obtained all necessary permits for movement and organized escort piloting on the territories of transit countries.

IMG_0017.JPG IMG_0021.JPG

In order to ease the loading process APS provided the supplier with 2 tilted mega trailers, which were undone. This was not easy for the drivers by the way, as the tilt and trailer’s details were quite heavy.

IMG_0056.JPG Gravity centers were marked at the cargo packing, so that the cargo could be placed according to the rules and the trucks could move safely.

IMG_0132.JPG IMG_0082_.JPG

Special anti-slip mates were placed under the cargos, which were covered with tilts and fixed. 

IMG_0182_.JPG IMG_0110.JPG

The route length totaled to 6000 km.

IMG_1919.JPG IMG_2107_.JPG

IMG_2144_.JPG IMG_2546_.JPG

The cargo was successfully delivered to the destination place. We thank our client for trust and such a great possibility to obtain new experience!

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