Transportation of brand-name clothing: what nuances should be taken into account?

Transportation of brand-name clothing: what nuances should be taken into account?

5 October 2018

"First impressions are half the battle" is as old saying as Adam, but it doesn’t lose its edge even today. Year by year the clothes of top brands become more and more popular: designer clothes are distinguished by high-quality fabrics, superior cuts, and remarkable design. Timely delivery of a new collection means guaranteed increase in sales of brands. What is important to consider when transporting such cargo? APS shares its experience in organizing such transportation.

Vehicle Selection

The first stage of the transportation planning process is the choice of vehicle. When transporting brand-name clothing it is important to exclude the possibility of cargo damage and the risk of cargo theft. The solution for such transportation will be a vehicle with a full metal trailer. APS uses for small shipments small capacity metal vans, for large ones we use refrigerators.

Safety and Security of Cargo

Brand-name clothing is an expensive and liquid cargo. Theft may occur during transportation, so you need to plan carefully the delivery route: calculate the driver’s working time and take care of safe places for stopovers. Each parking lot must be checked in advance for security and fencing, lighting and video surveillance.

In APS we have a structural unit that monitors the security of high-value cargo transportation. The employees of this unit have developed a special guide for drivers, which specifies the actions to take when in transit. The guide also contains a list of security parking areas along the route.


Our company uses the most reliable smart lock as an added safeguard to protect the vehicle with cargo. This lock prevents break-ins to trailer doors.

In addition, our vehicles are equipped with an “alarm button”. When the button is pressed, the security department immediately receives a notification of a dangerous situation, and APS employees immediately contact the driver.

The choice of a safe route, parking, locks, all these are under control of the carrier and remains “behind the scenes” for the customer. APS offers extra services to the customers to be sure that the cargo is delivered in complete safety, i.e. telematics and geofencing.

Telematics allows our customers to monitor alarm in real time, to receive automatic notifications of trailer doors opening/closing. Alerts immediately notify the customer of unauthorized access to freight.

Geofencing immediately equips the customer with the information when the vehicle is off-route, arriving in or departing from key destinations: places of loading/unloading, customs, borders, etc.

All notifications are sent to email and/or mobile devices (SMS). Since notifications are sent automatically, the human factor is removed.

Consolidation and Labeling of Goods in Europe

APS cars deliver clothing and footwear of popular world brands. In addition to transportation, we offer our customers additional services, i.e. consolidation of clothing and footwear at a warehouse in Europe, where a specially trained team performs:

  • EAC marking (clothing);

  • Marking at the level of Item Number;

  • Fur garments chipping with special control identification marks (CIM) *.

Specialists label and chip clothing strictly under surveillance cameras.

In recent years, freight turnover in this market segment has increased up to 2.5 times and it continues to grow. Previously, branded clothing was delivered mainly on Europe-Russia route, recently, transportation to other CIS countries has been gaining popularity.

transportation of brand clothes by APS trucks (2).png

Evaluate APS service level: leave a request for your cargo transportation on the website or contact the nearest office.

According to the EAEU legislation, labeling of fur products is mandatory for all participants of fur market, including manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers, commissioners and other participants of fur market.

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