Replenishment of our vehicle fleet

Replenishment of our vehicle fleet

20 March 2017

Transportation of oversized cargo requires increased attention and special approach. Because of the specific dimensions and weight, many cargoes can not be transported without the use of special low loaders. With such vehicles it is possible to transport machine tools, large metal structures, industrial equipment, large containers as well as equipment that can not be delivered by any other type of transport. IMG_0090.jpg

Low floor level in  this type of vehicle makes loading and unloading of oversized and heavy cargoes much easier. Another advantage is the possibility to put cargoes of non-standard size and shape on the semi-trailer. In addition, they can be easily fixed with cables, struts or straps. Fasteners are selected individually for each type of cargo, based on its dimensions, size and stability on loading deck.Semi-trailers are equipped with special ramps suitable for self-loading of the machine equipment by moving to the platform. As well, the width of the platform can be increased up to 3 meters with removable expanders, broadening our possibilities for transportation of large cargoes.

Tiefbett Low Loader

Faymonville is a leader in the production of trailers for special transportations. The new Tiefbett model is a low loader with loading height of 0.35 meters. First of all, the platform is designed for transportation of high cargoes: It allows to carry goods of up to 3.65 meters in height and with permits – up to 4.15 meters. The maximum weight of transported cargoes is 35 tons.

Faymonville low loader semi-trailer  

The semi-trailer allows to transport goods up to 19 meters long, up to 3.59 meters in height and up to 55 tons.


APS constantly increases its own fleet in order to solve more troublesome and challenging tasks of the Clients!

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