The first transportation of helicopters in APS history

The first transportation of helicopters in APS history

24 January 2018

Route: Netherlands – Russia
Type of transportation: oversized cargo transportation
Vehicles: curtain mega-trailer, 2 tilt-covered megatrailers
Cargo: 2 dismantled helicopters
Dimensions of the helicopter: 10,5*2,8*3,2 m
Helicopter weight: 7 tons

How do you imagine an "oversized cargo"? Industrial equipment, agricultural, constructional and medical equipment... However, this time APS implicated the transportation of a more interesting and rare cargo – we carried the helicopters!

The organization of helicopters transportation is considered to be quite labor-intensive. So, from a technical side the specificity of the transported cargo requires a particular approach and the usage of specialized equipment while performing handling operations. The process of preparing the documentation is also quite diligent, as it is required to comply with the regulations, established by each state according to a planned route.

The starting point of transportation was Colombia, from where the cargo was delivered to the largest port of Europe, located in Rotterdam, where our drivers were waiting for it.

Маршрут Нидерланды-Тюмень.png
Among the companies engaged in motor freight transportation there are several ways of loading helicopters onto a vehicle: 

  • self-consistent if it’s operable;
  • using a special platform (trawl);
  • using a loading crane.

Since the helicopters were dismantled, APS specialists used the last of these methods.


After loading the dismantled helicopters onto the trailers it was crucial to securely fix the cargo. Regarding this process, the consignee prescribed strict requirements, which were met to the smallest details by the team of APS.

2_без ном.jpg

Another specific condition for transportation of helicopters became restrictions of traffic for trucks with oversized cargo. So, in Belarus the traffic was allowed only in the daytime, and in Russia, on the contrary – only after 8 p.m.

Our non-standard cargo was not neglected when passing the customs inspection: the customs officers decided that such a valuable cargo must be inspected in detail. To make sure that there were no drugs on boards of helicopters, dogs were involved. After a long and scrupulous search, as a result of which the tilt covering the helicopters was damaged, the vehicles were released. Despite all the misadventures on the border, the drivers successfully continued their journey to the destination – Tyumen.

Thanks to the cohesive work of APS staff and compliance with all the requirements and conditions for transportation of oversized cargo, the helicopters were delivered to Russia without any delay!

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