APS initiates cargo transportation from China by road

APS initiates cargo transportation from China by road

28 July 2016

The rally “China-Mongolia-Russia” will give a start to the freight transportation via the new economic corridor. That  was made to the expense of China - Mongolia - Russia economic corridor program. The program was signed by the leaders of three countries on June 24, 2016 at the SCO summit.

For the first time in the history of the economic relationship between Russia and China, cargo transportation – will be held without   switching the transportation company along the entire route distance that exceeds 2200 kilometers. Previously Russian and Mongolian suppliers had to transmit their orders to the carriers at the border. New conditions will open vast opportunities for the Russian carriers  to execute cargo transportations directly to Chinese industrial hubs, including ports.

It should also be mentioned that two-way cargo transportations between Russia and China currently cannot be conveyed through the Mongolian territory (Mongolian carriers are not permitted to go  far into inland China). To solve the above-mentioned problem the three countries are elaborating the Inter-governmental agreement on international cargo transportations. The agreement provides cargo transportation between China and Russia including a carrier vehicle transit through the Mongolian territory.


The international rally “China-Mongolia-Russia” will be held from August 18 to August 24. The starting point of the route is the Chinese port Tianjin, the final point is Ulan-Ude. The total distance of the raceway is 2200 kilometers. Nine trucks will take part in the event – three from each country. The coordinator of the rally from the Russian side is Federal State-Funded Institution Rosavtotrans subordinate to the Ministry of Transportation of Russia. AGENS’s truck will enter the rally as a member of Russian carriers’ team.

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«In this regard, the introduction of transport corridors is a part of the national strategy, – said CEO of  Rosavtotrans Alexey Dvoynykh. – The initial truck rally opens a through route between the three countries and represents the beginning of the through traffic between them».

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