A unique project: Germany – Russia

A unique project: Germany – Russia

22 September 2016

Sun, green fields, excellent road...It was Germany where our project transportation started. A unique project Germany – Russia.PNG

The route of the project transportation was Germany – Russia (Kazan). In total, 6 trucks were involved in the project: 4 trucks with cargo dimensions of 16 m х 2.5 m х 2 m and with weight of 16 tons per cargo plus 2 trucks with dimensions of 18 m x 2.5 m x 1.6 m weighing 15 tons per each.

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Equipment for the chemical industry requires special attention and treatment. Therefore, employees and partners of the company carefully planned traffic route taking into account the features of the transportation. Then our employees prepared special permits and organized accompanying by pilot cars together with the police through transit countries.

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Road for the trucks with cargo up to 15-16 tons happened to be easy and no troubles occurred with oncoming transport.

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The driver arrived in Germany before the start of the working day. By that time the cargo had already been packed - it was only necessary extend the semitrailer and go under the cargo lifted with crane. The loading took a little more than half an hour, but securing the cargo with straps took much more time.

Security is above all!

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The cargo was successfully delivered to the client and his trust was fully justified. There is another unique project on APS account!

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