Oversized equipment door-to-door delivery

Oversized equipment door-to-door delivery

25 December 2015

Transportation route: Germany – Kazakhstan
     Freight: road machinery
     Dimensions: 1517 cm х 250 cm х 300 cm
     Weight: 27 500 kg

The hallmark of this transportation is that the freight is usually delivered to the unloading area per rail to the nearest station with the consequent entrucking. The receiver of the cargo was pleasantly surprised with the equipment delivery right to his place of work.


Moreover, due to light and firm ramps the equipment loaded and unloaded under its own power, which sufficiently reduced related expenses. 

4.jpg 3.jpg  

Before unloading, we received the order for back haul with the route Kazakhstan - Belgium from the other client.

Oversized equipment door-to-door delivery2.PNG

The freight was a drilling rig. Dimensions 1200х800х3350 cm, weight 28000 kg. As in the first case, the equipment loaded and unloaded under its own power.

6.jpg 7.jpg

This task as well as other ones was solved professionally and within the time limit. 

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