Large-scale project: transportation using 9 vehicles

Large-scale project: transportation using 9 vehicles

14 March 2018

Route: Germany – Russia
Vehicles: 9 megatrailers
Cargo: machining center

Transportation of machining center is notable for the number of engaged vehicles: this project involved nine trucks, and three of it were selected for the oversized parts of cargo, while the rest – for the ordinary ones. Due to the capacity of our own fleet, it was easy to pick up the necessary equipment.

The following dimensions defined oversized parts of cargo:

  1. 8,17*3,18*3,14 m – 12,5 t;
  2. 6,60*2,90*1,16 m – 14,8 t;
  3. 3,81*3,28*1,40 m – 4,0 t.

Upon client’s request, specifically manufactured tilts of 10*8 m² with 600 g/m² density were used to cover the cargo.

In order to speed up the delivery, our professional team made all arrangements in advance, ordering permissions a few weeks before the loading date. As far as one part of cargo was 3,28 m wide, in Europe the pilot car escorted our vehicles.

Transportation concluded successfully, making a pleasant impression upon our client! Our team is always ready to help you solve any task!

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