APS case: project transportation of equipment by different types of vehicles

APS case: project transportation of equipment by different types of vehicles

3 February 2021
Route: Germany – Russia
Vehicles: road train 120 m3, JUMBO semi-trailer, megatrailer, special vehicle for oversized cargo
Cargo: processing line for construction industry

Client’s request
Selection of the optimal type and number of vehicles & simultaneous delivery of all parts of the cargo.

APS solution
Project transportation is sort of an examination of the carrier's fleet capacity which presupposes reviewing its number and diversity. The transportation of a processing line from Germany to Russia is a project regarding which the client ordered four types of APS vehicles for different parts of the cargo:
  • road train 120 m3;
  • megatrailer;
  • JUMBO semi-trailer;
  • 3-axle semi-trailer with the loading height of 0.35 m.

  • The main complexity of the carriage was caused by the oversized part of the cargo. For transit along the route through each country, we had arranged special permits beforehand. For the loading, a low-bed truck Tiefbett with the loading height of 0.35 m was used.

    The rest parts of the equipment were distributed among the megatrailer, road train 120 m3, and JUMBO semi-trailer.

    During the route of over 5000 kilometres, the pace of each vehicle was cooperatively regulated by the APS team so that all of the trucks would simultaneously arrive at the customs in Altai region. Entrusting carriage of goods to APS, our clients receive a considered choice of a vehicle type and number, as well as an optimal pace of delivery.

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