Formula of successful solutions

Formula of successful solutions

18 July 2014

Having obtained great experience in transportation of Formula-1 race car we continued working on Olympic projects in Sochi, obtained all necessary permits for trucks movement in that area. A project transportation to Sochi for Formula-1 became a new step and a logical continuation of APS deliveries to the places of spectacular sport events.

Russia will host its first official Formula-1 Grand Prix in October, 2014 which will become the 16th of 19 stages of the year.


The race track construction is held around the Sochi Olympic Park, the venue of the Olympic Games 2014.


APS delivered equipment for Sochi Autodrom, which is the first in Russia, where FIA FORMULA 1 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP can take place.

About twenty trucks were loaded with different kinds of equipment in Germany and Austria and arrived to Sochi on time.

Each cargo cost more than 300 000 euro, maximum value per truck totaled to 1.5 million euro, so this transportation required special conditions: two drivers for each truck and maximum usage of toll roads and paid parking services. As a result, the cargos were delivered safely and on time.

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