Transportation safety in compliance with TAPA TSR international standards

Transportation safety in compliance with TAPA TSR international standards

9 August 2021
APS is a member of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), the core objective of which is to cut down the material losses in the global supply chain.

Since 2019, 170 refrigerated and tilted APS road trains have been holding TAPA certificates with TSR 1 и TSR 3 safety levels. These certificates confirm the compliance of the vehicles build-up and management of working processes with the international standards of movement of high-value goods.

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The APS road trains own the following features and equipment:
  • all-metal semi-trailer for TSR 1 level,
    closed tilted semi-trailer for TSR 3 level;
  • hidden trackers in the tractor unit and semi-trailer to monitor the vehicle’s whereabouts;
  • high-reliability lock and reinforced seal to protect from unauthorized opening of the trailer;
  • semi-trailer alarm system to inform of doors opening/closure;
  • portable emergency button to notify of alert situations;
  • tractor unit alarm system to provide driver’s safety;
  • notifying of coupling/uncoupling of the tractor unit and semi-trailer;
  • geofencing – notifying of deviation from the route specified by the client & entry/exit into/out of a control zone.

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Well-refined working processes in APS are provided due to:
  • risks-oriented approach to the elaboration of routes for the carriage of liquid and high-value goods;
  • control over drivers’ halts and use of secured parking lots;
  • special instructions on response in case of emergencies;
  • regular trainings for office stuff and driving personnel in high-value cargo transportation.
For higher safety, APS can additionally provide assistance in arrangement of convoy for the cargo.

Undergoing the TAPA certification increases the safety in the field of road transportation of goods. APS is always ready to offer clients optimal conditions for the carriage of high-value cargoes.

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