APS Team – is the winner of the VII “Intellect-Traffic” tournament

APS Team – is the winner of the VII “Intellect-Traffic” tournament

17 October 2017

October is a busy season in the sphere of cargo transportation. Intellectual games help us to remain in a good shape for the solution of difficult transport tasks. Logical thinking, quick reaction, and in some respects even intuition are the qualities which allow the APS team to achieve excellent results in business and public life. 087A1192.jpg

The game appeared to be intensive and fascinating. New teams, tricky questions and strong opponents made Thursday evening bright and rich with events!


The victory of our team in the intellectual game became the most pleasant moment of the evening. "These are three known letters which inevitably cause absolute respect of all tournament participants. The APS team started and finished the contest in a categorical format "We Solve" over again. Balanced approach and sophisticated strategy, noble men and permanently splendid ladies… They say, you can endlessly look at three things: how fire burns, how water flows and how the APS team plays", – with such words the founder of Intellect-Traffic Business Club, the business coach and the head of «Maximum» Consulting group Maxim Shcherbina, has marked the game of our team.

Thanks to all participants and organizers. We are looking forward to the next intellectual contest!

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