APS opens up new ways of cooperation: TransCaspian / Translogistica 2018 results

APS opens up new ways of cooperation: TransCaspian / Translogistica 2018 results

25 June 2018

The 17th Caspian International Transport, Transit and Logistics Exhibition TransCaspian / Translogistica 2018 was completed in Azerbaijan capital on the 13th of June.

The representatives of 85 companies from 15 countries, including Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Greece, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and others took part in one of the largest exhibitions of the Caspian region in the field of transport and logistics. Participants of the exhibition pleased the visitors with a wide range of products and services presented: from cargo transportation to the production of wagons and shipbuilding!

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APS have already had the experience of participating in such major exhibitions as TransUzbekistan (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) and Transport Logistic (Munich, Germany). However, this was the first time of our presence at the TransCaspian / Translogistica exhibition. Despite the large number of participants, APS has become the only road transportation company from Belarus.

This exhibition was different from our previous experiences. Almost the entire first day of the exhibition was devoted to the grand opening and, accordingly, little time was left for the work of the exhibition stands.

The second day was the most productive: all the attention was focused on the interaction of representatives of various companies and the visitors. The day pleased us with an endless flow of customers which were really interested in the services offered. Among the visitors we could meet some of our direct clients, which our managers invited in advance, and also those who came to the exhibition to find new acquaintances and to establish cooperation.

The last day of the exhibition was less busy than the previous two and after lunch the number of visitors decreased, so the exhibitors gradually dismantled the exhibition stands.


The exhibition was prepared at a high level. The organizers tried to provide the maximum assistance to the participants both during the installation of stands and during the exhibition.

The TransCaspian / Translogistica exhibition, like any other specialized exhibition, opens up a range of additional opportunities for each participating company, such as: personal contact with the customer, attracting of potential customers, the exchange of the professional experience with the leading local companies and many others.


We hope that the participation in the TransCaspian / Translogistica exhibition will become a new good tradition for APS.

*For reference: in different years APS took part in such exhibitions as TransRussia (2012), TransUzbekistan (2016, 2017), Transport logistic (2011, 2013, 2015, 2017).

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