APS case: we transport equipment for wind power industry from Italy to Russia

APS case: we transport equipment for wind power industry from Italy to Russia

28 January 2019
Route: Italy — Russia
Vehicle types: megatrailer and low-bed semitrailer
Cargo: parts of a wind power plant

Dimensions of industrial wind turbines are impressive. Integral parts of such equipment require special treatment on the stage of organization as well as in the delivery process due to their great weight and massive sizes. We report and show how APS performed the transportation of wind turbines towers.

Client’s request
Delivery of standard and oversized sections of wind turbines' towers for the wind power plant in Russia.

APS solution
We have been working on the project to deliver sections of wind turbines' towers since September, 2018. APS has already put to work 30 trucks from own truck fleet

We start preparation for each transportation long before the actual loading date: work out the route and order special permissions needed for the transportation of oversized parts. We plan an individual truck for the delivery of each wind turbine section. Pilot cars follow heavy and long items of cargo throughout the route. Special equipment (load distribution plates) was made for transportation of some cargo parts.

As long as the construction of wind power plant continues, APS trucks will continue successful delivery of wind turbines' parts.


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