7 life hacks of APS employees to run a distance of 21 km

7 life hacks of APS employees to run a distance of 21 km

19 September 2018

This year 43 employees of APS participated in Minsk Half Marathon: 20 people ran a distance of 5.5 km, 13 participants did 10.55 km, and 10 people set off at their 21.097 km run.

Not everyone can take on the challenge to run over 20 kilometers. APS employees will give you some tips.

  1. Create you training programme

  2. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”
    Benjamin Franklin

    Preparing for the half marathon, 21 km race, takes not only signing up and constant running but some meaningful actions too.

    Make a plan for regular training. Regular running improves stamina and trains willpower, which is so necessary to cover the distance: halfway, the legs no longer obey, and to keep the pace is not enough, you have to accelerate to finish the race.

  3. Feel the distance

  4. Preparing for the race, cover the distance, similar to the one you plan to go in the marathon. This will help you to get rid of the unwanted thoughts and self-doubt before the race.

  5. Just eat a nutritious breakfast

  6. Be sure to eat breakfast to increase strength! Complex carbohydrates are some of the best foods to fight hunger. If you can’t imagine life without sweets, don’t give up them this day: enjoy tasty mussels or a piece of chocolate. This will help you to cheer up and be in high spirits.

  7. Download your favorite playlist

  8. Music will keep you company while you run, and the lyrics will inspire you to your personal feats.

    APShm (103).jpg

    “I remember the uphill in front of Arena Shopping Center: a participant from Ethiopia was already running back, while I was still running forward. I had to do aprox. 10 km more, and on this uphill in front of the shopping center I started grinding my teeth. And then Tsoi started singing in headphones as if pushing me in the back. So select inspiring lyrics and go for it!"

  9. Be inspired gaining support from others

  10. Words of encouragement from the sideliners, motivational posters, musicals and dance performances - all this kept us alive, and the marathon runners continued to run. Even a simple “High Five” gesture helped to keep going.

    “I would never have thought that they could give so much strength. At first I thought that I wouldn’t high-five anyone, that this would only slow down the pace, but Grandpa Lenin with a support group near the eternal flame welcomed the runners so sincerely that I could not refrain from high-five. And again, I felt that my strength had increased. Therefore, I was further recharging in the same way :)“

  11. Find like-minded people

  12. The more the merrier! Together you can do better than that.

    “It’s a wonderful feeling when you know that you are not alone, that the guys and girls working side by side day after day, run alongside, it helps a lot.”

    APShm (127).jpg

  13. Always have faith in yourself

  14. Man is capable of amazing things! Believe in yourself! There is nothing impossible, believe it! Get inspired by inspirational stories from people who have already run the marathon. Remember: everything will work out if there is a goal, a time frame and motivation.

    APShm (125).jpg

Whatever distance you choose, enjoy the process, get a medal and do not forget to capture your happy eyes and a big smile after you cover the distance.

Let's meet at Minsk Half Marathon 2019?!

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