APS case: how we delivered historical and cultural heritage to the exhibition in Minsk

APS case: how we delivered historical and cultural heritage to the exhibition in Minsk

27 March 2019
Route: Russia – Belarus
Vehicle type: road train with refrigerated semitrailer
Cargo: icons of XVII century

Client’s request
Delivery of icons to the exhibition Russian icon painting in the Belarusian National Arts Museum.

APS solution
Organization of museum pieces’ delivery is one of the most responsible transport tasks, because value of the cargo is expressed not only in its cost, but also in its historical and cultural significance.

During the transportation of icons, it’s important to maintain temperature regime and the humidity level, that should be as close to the conditions of their permanent storage as possible. According to the recommended norms the cargo was transported in refrigerated semitrailer at the temperature of +18 °C.

In order to eliminate vibration and hits during the transportation, we have elaborated the route: took into consideration the peculiarities of road infrastructure, quality of roadway covering, arduous road segments. Security service followed the cargo for safety ensuring.

The icons were unloaded in the courtyard of the Belarusian National Arts Museum. Transport situation could cause difficulties during access of the truck, that is why APS manager came at the unloading place half an hour before its arrival.

Haiduk Denis, the manager responsible for the transportation, shared his experiences: "The access to the courtyard was filled up with cars, so I asked the traffic police for help. Moreover, I defined directions of arrival and entrance of the truck to avoid traffic standstill. Once the driveways have been cleared, the driver began to enter the courtyard. I had to work as a traffic policeman in order to truck entered in reverse gear".

Another successfully solved task on transportation of exhibits is behind APS. You can make sure that delivered icons are safe and sound, if you visit the exhibition “Two worlds of Russian icon. Рainting XVII century icons from the collection of the Museum of Russian Icons.” The exhibition will be presented until June 21.


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