APS case: project transportation to Ukraine with multi-country loading in EU

APS case: project transportation to Ukraine with multi-country loading in EU

14 May 2021
Route: Belgium, Italy – Ukraine
Vehicles: 3-axle low-bed truck Tiefbett, 5-axle low-loader, 3 megatrailers
Cargo: heat treatment furnace for steel strips

Client’s request
Simultaneous delivery of oversized and standard parts of the cargo from different countries. 

APS solution
The client ordered 5 APS road trains for the project delivery of a disassembled heat treatment furnace:
  • 2 low-bed trucks for oversized units;
  • 3 megatrailers for standard ones.
The oversized parts were required to be loaded in two countries – Belgium and Italy. For the delivery of the 13-ton loads from Belgium with dimensions 4.85 х 4.4 х 4.10 m and 4.6 х 3.82 х 3.5 m, a low-bed truck Tiefbett with the loading height of 0.35 m was used.

The loads from Italy with dimensions 3.2 х 3.2 х 1.25 m and 4.12 х 2.94 х 3.1 weighing in total 18 t were delivered to Germany involving a third party carrier at first. Further transportation was performed using a 5-axle low-loader from the APS fleet.

The oversized cargo was secured with lashing belts using a combined method: loop, spring, direct. Special permits for the passage through each country were ordered in advance. In the EU member states, the large-size cargo from Belgium was convoyed by pilot transport, in Ukraine – by police cars.

The standard-size parts of the furnace were loaded in Belgium on 3 megatrailers which arrived at the loading place disassembled to state of platform trucks. The top loading was carried out with an overhead crane.

The pace of each truck was controlled throughout the route so that all the parts of the cargo would arrive at the destination customs simultaneously.

The APS specialists have successfully completed the carriage of the project cargo and gained precious experience of transportation by low-bed trucks to Ukraine.

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