Project transportation

Project transportation

Project Transportation

Cargo delivery is the sphere where life and business demands occasionally set such tasks that appear impossible to solve. Can one organize simultaneous arrival to customs of 30 trucks which were loaded in different countries? Or is there a solution, when during 6 trucks are moving an exhibition and are on half way from Hamburg to Moscow, it just happens that sender forgot to load one more important piece, which is still in Germany?

APS managers have the answer: “we are The Solver”, – and always keep their promises and take the obligations. While preparing solutions for project transportation with the requirements of mutual delivery and with a number of trucks involved, experienced APS managers do the following:

     – prepare delivery plan in accordance with distance to travel and transit time;
     – participate in organizing customs classification decision, which is done by Russian customs agencies and involves customs brokers and receivers of the cargos;
     – separate the entire shipment for each trailer in the project. Maximum cargo weight in each trailer can be up to 27 tons;
     – coordinate terms and loading peculiarities with all the senders;
     – organize warehouse storage;
     – document drawing (export declarations (EX-1, T-1), CMRs, invoices and specifications);
     – in special cases – organize deliveries not only by road, but also involving sea transport;
     – control the movement of the cargo during the entire route.

Creating project transportation solutions is not only a technical matter for us. We always remember that behind any process there are people, and during each project we set the communication with all participating sides: senders and receivers of cargo, customs brokers and other parties involved. Often APS besides being a project coordinator takes the obligations and becomes a diplomatist. We help to create mutual understanding between all parties, to break the language barrier, exclude complications related to the specifics of mentality and traditions of doing business in different countries.

Types of cargos, which are delivered within project transportation services

Usually project solutions are prepared for the following:

     – transporting assembly lines, factories and production plants;
     – delivery of large-scale exhibitions and showcases;
     – transporting other large and complex cargos, which are divided between several trucks and require simultaneous delivery.

Your benefits when organizing project transportation with APS

1.    Impressive portfolio of completed projects – on Your request we provide photos, facts and references from others, who cooperate with APS. The experience that we gained during previous deliveries allows us to guarantee fast and secure transportation of Your cargo.

2.    Project transportations are done only with trucks that we own, which is more than 300 trucks. First hand control of transport will settle your worries about delivery time.

3.    Cost optimization for project transportation of Your cargo, which is possible due to modern equipment, APS managers’ vast experience and knowledge of all peculiarities. For example, after several trucks are loaded in different countries, APS can organize customs clearance of the entire shipment on the basis of just one export declaration.

4.    Complete clarity of delivery ways. On the preparation stage You will be receiving full description of APS project solution. This way you will be informed of how, in how many stages and in how fast the project transportation will be completed. During the delivery You will be receiving daily reports on trucks exact location and estimated time of arrival. In special cases this information can be given to You in online mode – due to GPS on each of our trucks. We always know the location of trucks that carry Your cargo. You can also personally see it with our GPS.

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