LTL Transportation

LTL Transportation

Groupage (LTL or Less-Than-Truckload) Transportation

Delivery of smaller parcels inside of a bigger shipment is modern groupage transportation service. Choosing this way of shipping You score following advantages: regular deliveries with predictable timing and considerable savings on transport costs. For these reasons thousands of companies throughout Europe and CIS which value their resources prefer to use the services of LTL trucking transportation.

As a freight forwarding company, APS will take the concerns for prompt delivery of smaller shipments from Europe to CIS. Despite of the shipment volume we guarantee to take gentle care of it and provide the highest level of service – starting from paperwork and negotiations with suppliers to customs clearance and warehouse processing.

APS potential during groupage transportation lies beyond standard list of shipping categories (spare parts, production prototypes, products of light industry). It covers more:

     – delivery of consolidated cargos with special temperature conditions (medicines and foodstuff);
     – delivery of dangerous goods as part of consolidated shipment;
     – delivery of irregular and excise products.

The fact that APS uses its own transport for delivery of consolidated cargos ensures high reliability due to perfect technical state of the rolling stock. All trailers used for groupage transportation are secured with special strapping that prevent tip over.

Delivery time by groupage transportation

We transport consolidated cargos from Europe to CIS on daily basis. Thus you will have detailed information on the dates of dispatch and delivery and plan your work in advance.

APS experience in the field and established contacts allow us to offer You shorter (than average market) terms of delivery for groupage cargos even during high-seasons. We are able to be time efficient thanks to the following:

     – we are using our own transport, which eliminates any delays and mistakes of the third party;
     – direct contact between LTL trucking company APS and suppliers in order to be in control of all aspects of LTL transportation – shipment readiness, paperwork and other issues that might detain the dispatch;
     – we complete the paperwork concerning groupage cargo delivery in advance, which makes the customs processing faster and directly influences the speed of delivery;
     – we hold a custom carrier’s license, valid on the territories of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, which allows us to carry goods without hiring truck escort and paying extra duties, which minimizes delivery time and costs. 

All our trucks are equipped with GPS that allows us to monitor the cargos online in the course of groupage cargo delivery and keep You updated on the whereabouts of your shipment.

Services for freight groupage consolidation

The APS staff is ready to carry all the responsibility about LTL transportation. You will not even have to do the paperwork – we will prepare it on our own.

We offer a list of additional services:

     – documentation processing (export declarations – EX1), transit guarantees (T-1, T-2), carnet TIR and CMR);
     – customs clearance;
     – groupage cargo insurance;
     – storage and warehouse operations.

For our business we have warehouses for consolidating shipments in Germany, Poland and Lithuania.

Storage services become really helpful during Christmas time, when holiday dates in Europe and CIS do not match. If your plans do not concur with those of your supplier, You can prepare a transport order in advance and we will take care of the rest. On your request APS will deliver your LTL shipment for storing to our consolidation warehouse on the agreed terms. You will not have to work during weekends, - while You are having a rest, we are solving even the most complex tasks.

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