High Value Goods

High Value Goods

Valuable Cargo Transportation

Accepting responsibilities on the delivery of your cargos, APS employees take the gentlest care of it, no matter what its size or value is. When delivering goods valued over 400,000 EUR we always consider additional legal niceties of such transportation and individual characteristics of goods, which often require special treatment according to the rules of valuable cargo transportation.

We are holding a personal record of transporting goods in the value of 24 million euro. This is not the limit. APS staff can solve challenging logistic situations of any complexity, assuming the most serious liabilities. 

APS potential during valuable goods transportation

One of the main advantages of each company under APS brand in the field of valuable goods delivery is that we hold a custom carrier’s license, valid on the territories of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. This status allows us to organize valuable cargo transportation without hiring truck escort and paying extra duties, which minimizes delivery time and costs. 

In the field of international transportation, receiving a custom carrier’s license is the evidence of wealth (solvency), stability and reliability of its holder. APS companies have registered more than 600,000 EUR of financial guarantees to custom agencies.  

Types of goods considered to be valuable:

     – medical, industrial and telecommunication equipment;
     – pharmaceuticalsand chemicals;
     – various goods, that refer to «know-how» area;
     – museum pieces;
     – artwork.

Technical backup for valuable cargo transportation

We guarantee to take gentle care of your valuable shipments. All our trucks are equipped with air-suspension, have special nonslip floor with sufficient quantity of hinges in order to secure cargos with safety belts. On your request we will install shock sensors so you can have the precise picture of the cargo’s vibration level while we transport.

Understanding the importance of human factor during delivery, we trust valuable cargo transportation only to drivers specially trained for shipping valuable goods.

The services during valuable goods delivery may vary depending on your needs, and regularly consist of:

     – drawing of cargo documentation;
     – custom clearance procedures;
     – optional insurance (in addition to basic CMR insurance);
     – installing shock sensors;
     – locking and fixating cargos by any desired means (belts, chains, etc.);
     – extra driver for speedy delivery;
     – providing guest access to the truck’s GPS monitoring.

The interaction with our company during the valuable cargo transportation is simple, no matter how expensive the cargo is: You form the request – we give You a solution. While the load is in transfer, your personal manager keeps you updated on the location of the truck and gives you ETA.

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