Cargo Deliveries with High Capacity Trucks

Cargo Deliveries with High Capacity Trucks

While transporting all types of goods APS specialists analyze and prepare delivery schemes to decrease the transportation costs. One of the    efficient means for optimizing delivery costs for light weight products and bigger height cargos is to use high capacity trucks.

APS companies own more than 200 trucks with 100 cubic meters capacity and internal height up to 3 meters.

In order to supply our clients with 120 cubic meters trucks we involve our partners’ transport.

Usually megatrailers (100 cubic meters) and double trucks/road trains (120 cubic meters) are used for:

     – deliveries of high capacity cargos with light weight (diapers, napkins, thermal insulation, textile, medical purpose products);
     – deliveries of cargos with bigger height (agricultural and building machinery, construction units, equipment).

APS experience and established business relations allow us to deliver light weight and substandard cargos, loaded at multiple locations inside EU. Cargo consolidation and preparation of consignments as well as marking, repackaging and excise labeling is available on our warehouses in Germany, Poland and Lithuania. You set the rules – we solve the tasks.

Considering all the above, delivering a bigger volume of goods in just one truck allows not only to decrease Your transportation expenses, but also to optimize the logistics of Your business.

Planning to transport goods from Europe to countries of CIS? Please contact APS managers and it might happen, that delivery expenses for Your cargo are less than You really thought.

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