Dangerous goods transportation

Dangerous goods transportation

Dangerous goods transportation is one of our basic specializations. Upon receiving a permissive license in 2000 our company has been successfully cooperating with leading corporations of the CIS and Europe on delivering chemical materials for BASF, Henkel, BAYER, Syngenta, DOW and many others.

Today APS provides solutions for the most challenging logistic situations, meeting the most rigorous requirements of all parties. We provide shipping of the following dangerous goods classes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9.

Safety and reliability in dangerous goods transportation is guaranteed by:

     – modern truck pool (our trucks are 2 years old on average) equipped with ADR-kits;
     – professionalism of our drivers holding international ADR licenses;
     – efficient condition control of our fleet ensured by mandatory technical inspections on each transit.

Cooperating with APS in the field of dangerous goods transportation, You will get:

Time saving – experienced APS staff will take the utmost care of delivery arrangements: documents preparation, cargo insurance, contacting with all parties involved. Knowing not only specifics of laws and road infrastructure of different countries, but also the accepted business culture, APS can find fast and perfect solutions.

Peace of mind – You do not have to worry about the cargo – daily reports will be furnished to You by APS, giving you full information at any certain moment on the location of the cargo and the estimated time of dangerous goods transportation. LEAVE TRUCKING TO US!

Cost reduction– the APS employees, backed by their vast experience in the field and established contacts and using modern equipment, are glad to offer You effective means of reducing costs of transport component within your business.

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