Container Transportation

Container Transportation

The APS Group companies are ready to carry all the responsibility about containers arriving from the USA, Africa and Asia to Europe with further transportation to CIS.

We carry out deliveries from Hamburg (Germany), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia), Kotka (Finland). The existing business relations with authorities of each major European port and possibilities for our staff (managers) to personally accept the incoming cargo in the port of arrival that ensures swift and effective processing of containers.

You may focus on other important sides of your business, while the cargo is on the way from overseas. Immediately upon arrival of Your container in Europe, the APS shipping agents will arrange the delivery. We provide our clients with full information at any certain moment on the whereabouts of the cargo and the estimated time of delivery.

In addition to the container trucking we are able to offer you in-port forwarding (processing). Our highly qualified staff is familiar with all official registration process details, as well as with in-port regulations and peculiarities of the port routine.

The in-port forwarding services may vary depending on your needs and regularly consist of:

     – setting up survey service;
     – arranging cargo storage (important due to occasional differences in European and CIS official holidays);
     – acquisition of permits;
     – drawing of cargo documentation;
     – providing in-port services – weighing, inspection, repacking;
     – financial settlements with sea-shipping companies;
     – insuring cargos.

The set of container transportation services is unique as it is made up of immediate demands, priorities and financial capabilities (resources) of our customer.

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