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Storage and Consolidation in EU

Storage and Consolidation in EU

Delivering your cargos from EU to CIS, we do our best to offer you a fair price and to solve your logistics tasks. Storage and consolidation in Europe is a service that might significantly reduce costs of transport component within your business.

APS currently uses 4 warehouses in EU:

     – in Germany;
     – in Poland;
     – in Lithuania.

Among these locations are consolidation warehouses, customs warehouses and heated premises.

Storage and consolidation in EU allows You to minimize shipping costs in following cases:

1.          When delivering smaller shipments (LTL) 

Our drivers pick up your shipment in one or several locations and deliver it to a consolidation warehouse. Then your cargo is shipped further to CIS together with other customer’s shipments – this way You just pay for the volume that You send.

2.          When delivering during national holidays 

Storage services become really helpful during Christmas time, when holiday dates in Europe and CIS do not match. If your plans do not concur with those of your supplier, You can prepare a transport order in advance and we will take care of the rest. On your request shipment will be delivered for storing to our consolidation warehouse on the agreed terms. You will not have to work during weekends, – while You are taking a rest, we are solving even your most complex tasks.

3.          When additional warehouse services are needed

In case your shipment has to be repacked, marked or requires excise labeling, all these operations can be done on our warehouses in Europe. This allows your shipment to be ready for further sale right after delivery to CIS and You save time and money.

If you need any information considering warehousing in Europe, call us right now and we will find solutions to your questions.

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