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Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance

CMR-Insurance Services

APS has gained significant experience in international cargo transportation since 1997 and therefore we pay special attention to CMR insurance services and cargo insurance. We help You to secure Your business from any unpredicted situations and are glad to offer You optimal cargo insurance rates and assistance with preparing the needed documents.

Insurance for APS is an integral part of our business philosophy, which is based on providing a full list of A-services to our clients.

We feel free to provide You with information on loss event. On your request we will provide detailed information on our insurance companies and clients, who use to deal with loss events during cooperation with APS.


Under the term CMR insurance services we understand insurance of carrier’s responsibility for full or partial cargo loss or damage, which occurs during transportation according to Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (further referred to as Convention). APS responsibility for carried cargo is limited by 250.000 EUR for a single loss event and 500.000 EUR under one insurance policy.

CMR-Insurance services during valuable goods transportation

The Convention puts the limits of the carrier’s maximum responsibility for 1kg brutto of partial cargo loss or damage at 9.4 EUR. This is why during transportation of valuable goods (when the value is declared) and based on Your request we offer additional CMR-Insurance services. Thus 9.4 EUR limit is not used and in case of loss event You will receive a full compensation no matter what cargo value is or how much cargo weighs.

Cargo Insurance

According to the Convention, there are cases when carrier is not responsible for cargo loss or damage. Then the best solution for a client is cargo insurance. Upon your request we will insure Your cargo on international terms “against all risks”. Insurance company will fully compensate full or partial cargo loss or damage, no matter what the reason was, except for generally accepted clauses.

APS companies that operate in EU in terms of insurance cooperate with KRAVAG Logistic Versicherungs-AG, Frankfurt.

Insurance rates

Cooperation between APS and insurance companies is based long-terms. Thus we are glad to offer You fairly low rates for Cargo Insurance and additional CMR-Insurance services.

High-quality services

For Your convenience we will take care of paperwork needed to prepare insurance agreements and will provide You with a scanned copy oаsuch agreement on Your request. In case of loss event You can always rely on our professional assistance and guidance through the procedure till the moment insurance indemnity is received by You.

Contact us and we will take care of Your cargos security and ensure your cargo is safe under our CMR insurance services.

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