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Electronic Customs Declaring

Electronic Customs Declaring

Electronic Customs Declaring (hereinafter referred to as ECD) for customs authorities is an easy and effective way to reduce transportation time.

The resolution of Customs Union Commission as of June 17, 2011 states the following: during the import  of goods to customs area of the Customs Union (here in after referred to as the CU)  it is required to provide information about imported goods within 2 hours prior to their arrival at a border entry point.

Information in electronic form is sent to customs authorities of the CU member state, where the destination of transportation is located. This procedure is also applied to goods in transit through the CU member states.

We undertake all the ECD documents execution and provide the service at any CU border entry point, regardless of the country of entry.  ECD has become a common practice for APS. We provide this service since 2009 and at present all our transportations are performed according to this system.

We take great care of our clients: there is a division in APS, where specialists prepare ECD documents. This allows us to work without agents. The information sent to customs authorities is checked and can be corrected before the truck arrives at customs. That helps us to minimize the influence of human factor. We employ high-class specialists who are aware of cargo execution peculiarities.

A great advantage of partnership with APS is an individual attention to each client, providing him with a personal  manager,  who undertakes documents execution for different transportations. It helps us to satisfy all Your requirements.

After the document processing cargo gets a unique transportation ID code, which is automatically forwarded to a border entry point. There customs authorities check the correspondence of preliminary information to the data in transport, commercial and other documents.

ECD advantages are equally obvious for our clients and for us as the carrier:

     – reduction of customs clearance time;
     – simplified  documents  execution;
     – immediate correction of cargo information;
     – eduction of cargo delivery period.

The usage of ECD service sufficiently simplifies the work of every participant of transportation process, minimizes the amount of paperwork. But the main advantage is that the exchange of documents and data between customs and carriers becomes quick and absolutely clear.

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