Geography of Transportation

Western Europe

Western Europe

Transportations from Germany and France

A great cargo flow from Western Europe to CIS countries and back demands services of experienced carriers. APS satisfies the requirements of modern cargo transportations market and performs cargo deliveries from the biggest countries of this region: Germany and France.

APS specialists have all necessary skills and possibilities to deliver cargos from Western Europe:

     – own truck fleet for transportations of dangerous, refrigerated, groupage, oversized or bulky cargos;
     – experience in customs clearance of different cargos being delivered to Germany, France and other European countries;
     – consolidation and warehousing of cargos in Germany, Poland and Lithuania;
     – experience in obtainment of special transit permits for oversized cargos in Western Europe;
     – access to online tracking system the customer provided with;
     – cargo insurance and CMR-insurance throughout the whole transportation to the destination place.

APS successfully delivers the following cargos from Germany and France:

     – industrial machines and lines (also as parts of project transportations);
     – excise goods, including alcoholic drinks;
     – food products, including cooled and frozen ones;
     – items of display, fragile and high-value products without limits in their invoice cost;
     – steelwork, metal products, etc.

Transportations from Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

A high level of road network development in European and Baltic countries makes transport truck deliveries optimal. APS trucks are of different carrying capacity, which can cut customer’s expenses of deliveries from all Baltic countries. APS transportations from Baltics to CIS countries have a number of undeniable advantages: promptness of cargo delivery, preparation of variable routes to upload cargos in different places. Learn more about possibilities of APS transportations from Western-European and Baltic countries by filling in the feedback form or calling the nearest APS-office!

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