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Western Asia

Western Asia

Cargo Transportation to Turkey and Azerbaijan

APS provides cargo deliveries in many directions, including transportations from EU countries or Russia to countries of Western Asia. Mostly we deliver cargos to west-northern countries of Asia: Turkey, Azerbajdzhan, Armenia and Georgia. Thanks to well-developed road infrastructure and possibility to use various routes the region is suitable for truck cargo deliveries. APS truck fleet consists of 600 vehicles, delivering most of the cargos to countries of Western Asia.

Moreover, vast experience in such transportations helps us to prepare all necessary transportation documents in the shortest possible time. Being a customs carrier, APS cuts customer’s expenses in preparation of necessary documents and transportation itself within the territory of the Customs Union. Thanks to this license APS can deliver cargos of any invoice cost unescorted and with standard suite of documents.

Transportations to Turkey

Transportations to Turkey are a perspective development direction on the freight market. Turkish developing industry requires a great number of import/export transportations to Russia, EU countries, nearby Iran and Saudi Arabia. APS has necessary experience and technical possibilities to perform transportations of export/import goods to/from Turkey. From the EU/CIS to Turkey we transport:

     – heating and electric equipment, electromechanical instruments and spare parts;
     – ferrous and nonferrous rolled metal products
     – building materials and equipment;
     – customer goods and other cargos.

In order to transport your cargo to Turkey APS owns a numerous fleet of standard and small-capacity trucks with carrying capacity from 5 to 27 tons. From Turkey to the EU/CIS we transport:

     – textile goods and products of light industry;
     – products of chemical industry;
     – food products: fruits, vegetables, frozen animal products.

Having necessary licenses and specially equipped transport, APS is able to perform transportations of dangerous cargos and goods requiring temperature settings.

Transportations to Azerbajdzhan, Armenia and Georgia

Transportations to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbajdzhan are a complex task that APS has been solving successfully for a long time. Our specialists declare good in compliance with requirements and norms of receiving and transit countries. In addition to transportation services, APS also provides:

     – cargo customs clearance;
     – consolidation and warehousing of cargos on the territory of EU and CIS;
     – on-line satellite monitoring;
     – cargo insurance (including high-value cargos) and CMR-insurance.

Transportations to Azerbajdzhan, Armenia and Georgia can be performed on a one-time as well as on a regular basis. To get more information about the APS possibilities in transportations to Western Asia fill in the feedback form or contact our nearest office!

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