Geography of Transportation

Southern Europe

Southern Europe

Transportations to Italy, Spain and other countries of Southern Europe

Countries in the South of Europe (Italy, Spain and Portugal) increase trade turnover with other countries each year. The most popular imported goods are consumer goods, food products, building materials, clothes and perfumes.

The main APS advantages in deliveries of cargos from Italy, Spain and other countries of Southern Europe are:

         – numerous fleet of 600 modern trucks (including small-capacity as well as trucks with carrying capacity up to 27 tons);
         – knowledge of customs and transit legislation of EU and CIS countries;
         – APS is a licensed customs carrier, which cuts transit costs on the territory of CIS countries;
         – full documents preparation and execution during all transportation;
         – cargo insurance and satellite monitoring of your cargo movement.

    Cargos from Italy, Spain and other countries of Southern Europe can be transported as groupage cargos (LTL). Mostly, it cuts the clients’ expenses compared to full-truck loading (FTL). To Italy, Spain and other countries of Southern Europe we usually transport the following cargos:

         – rolled metal products and metal products;
         – agricultural raw materials;
         – lumber.

    Delivery period to/from Southern Europe depends on the type of cargo and the route. We usually deliver complex cargos from Moscow to Italy in 7 days and groupage ones up to 12 days. The main routes from Southern Europe to the CIS go via France, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Poland and Belarus. These routes are the safest and the most comfortable ones. We also deliver cargos in containers from the ports of Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal. Detailed sketches of delivery routes are worked out by APS specialists according to the client’s order, which cuts the clients’ expenses in delivery and cargo reloading. Each APS-client is provided with access to online tracking system, where he can see the cargo location and movement.

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