Geography of Transportation

Nothern Europe

Nothern Europe

Transportations from Finland, Sweden and Norway

A number of transportations from/to Scandinavian countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark) tend to increase. Countries in Northern Europe are exporters of high-quality goods and have high inner demand in some goods, produced in Russia and other CIS countries. 

APS develops this direction of transportations in order to solve clients’ import/export logistics tasks. The most frequently transported goods are:

     – equipment for different spheres: building, food and light industry, systems of manufacturing automatization;
     – high-quality building materials;
     – some types of foods: mainly fish and its semi-products;
     – telecommunications systems;
     – household appliances and electronics.

Sometimes delivery is performed by several means of transportations: by ferry to the ports of Scandinavia and Denmark and by trucks from the ports to the destination place. Mainly we transport the following types of cargos from CIS countries to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark:

     – lumber;
     – metals;
     – chemicals and products of chemical industry.

Severe requirements for the imported goods influence the number of transportations to the territory of Northern Europe. A number of national norms and standards provide a set of requirements on the cargo origin, being imported into Denmark and Scandinavian countries as well as to ones, being transported within these countries. APS-specialists are ready to provide full organization of your delivery to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Modern APS fleet includes:

     – small-capacity trucks to deliver small cargos;
     – standard tilt trailers and double-deck tilt trailers to transport non-stackable cargos;
     – reefers (including double-decker trailers and bi-thermos) to transport cargos requiring special thermo-conditions;
     – low-loaders for transportations of oversized and heavy cargos.

Small cargos to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark can be also transported as parts of groupage cargos with possibility of warehousing and consolidation on Germany, Poland and Lithuania. Complex approach to the organization of international transportations means full maintenance of transportation process, including customs processing services in the country of origin and recipient country, observation of all transit rules and norms and customs clearance in the EU and CIS.

Transportations from Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

A high level of road network development in European and Baltic countries makes transport truck deliveries optimal. APS trucks are of different carrying capacity, which can cut customer’s expenses of deliveries from all Baltic countries. APS transportations from Baltics to CIS countries have a number of undeniable advantages: promptness of cargo delivery, preparation of variable routes to upload cargos in different places. Learn more about possibilities of APS transportations from Western-European and Baltic countries by filling in the feedback form or calling the nearest APS-office!

Learn more about APS-transportations from Northern Europe by filling in the feedback form or contacting any APS-office.

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