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Geography of Transportation

Central Europe

Central Europe

Transportations to Poland and countries of Central Europe

A high level of road network development in Central Europe allows forwarders transport any types of cargos. Central European countries except for Poland have no access to sea and that is why floating cargos are delivered by road from Benelux ports. Road transportations are still the main types of cargo deliveries from Poland or Central European countries to the CIS. Numerous APS fleet and vast experience in customs clearance in Europe allows deliver cargos from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria to the EU or CIS countries. In this direction we transport:

     – products of chemical industry;
     – industrial and medical equipment;
     – household chemicals and products of home care;
     – food products, fruits and vegetables;
     – furniture and woodwork products.

We use trucks with different carrying capacity to transport cargos from Poland and other countries of Central Europe. Clear customs legislation and well-developed road network help us to predict delivery date, which is very important for transportations of perishable goods from Poland, Austria, and Czech Republic: dairy products, cooled fish and meat, cheese and pastry.

Features of transportations and customs clearance

Rules and norms for cargo transportations in Central Europe and transit countries are always taken into account during arrival estimation and route preparation. In addition to severe requirements for trucks ecologic standards there are some limitations on trucks movement. For example, traffic bans on the roads with special signs in Austria or obligatory usage of wheel chains in Switzerland in winter. In most Central European countries it is forbidden for trucks to move at night or on holidays.

There is a number of features in customs clearance of cargos from Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland, which also have to be taken into account in order to avoid delays in deliveries. Customs legislation of Central Europe is based on 4 main principles: currency exchange regulation, principle of contractual right, export regulation norms, arbitrage. System of contractual right provides flexible approach to partners’ relations admitting oral agreements in some cases. Transportations within EU don’t require customs fees.

If we transport cargos from the CIS and Asian countries to Poland and other countries of Central Europe the differential customs tariff calculations, including special compensation and antidumping fees, must be very precise. APS specialists gained vast experience in customs clearance of cargos delivered from/to countries of Central Europe, and we provide door-to-door deliveries. Moreover, APS prepares all permits for transit and provides additional transportation costs calculations.

Learn more about APS possibilities in cargo transportations to Poland and countries of Central Europe: fill in the transportation order form or call any APS office!

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