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Geography of Transportation



Transportations to Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands

APS delivers different types of cargos from Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands) to CIS countries and backwards. This region is very important for APS as greatest part of export/import transportations relate to this region. A high level of road network development in Benelux countries allows to transport any cargos from this countries. APS-specialists can plan the delivery, prepare necessary documents and perform the transportation of different types of cargos from Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands: groupage, standard, dangerous, refrigerated, oversized, bulky and high-value. APS fleet has carrying capacity from 5 to 27 tons and with us you can organize transportations within reasonable costs. We undertake the process of customs documents execution and obtainment of necessary permits as well as transit route coordination for deliveries of oversized cargos.

Transportations from the Netherlands

The Netherlands (Holland) is one of highly-developed countries of the EU. This country comes third in goods turnover in terms of CIS import and export. The most frequently transported cargos from the Netherlands to the CIS are:

     – electric and communications machinery;
     – road machinery and vehicles;
     – products of chemicals industry;
     – cooled and frozen meat products;
     – fruits, vegetables and dairy products;
     – flowers and plants seeds.

To optimize delivery routes APS can organize consolidation and warehousing in Germany, Lithuania and Poland.

Transportations from Luxembourg and Belgium

Relatively small countries, such as Luxembourg and Belgium are still important partners for Russia and the CIS. The main part of transported goods are of chemical industry, raw materials and rolled metal products from the CIS to this area. The following cargos often transported from Luxembourg and Belgium to CIS countries:

     – polymeric materials;
     – caoutchouc and high-quality rubber;
     – food products: chocolate, animal products;
     – household appliances.

Extensive road network of Luxembourg and Belgium allows speedy and safe deliveries of the most fragile cargos and goods with short life-time. Our liability is guaranteed by CMR-insurance and the license of customs carrier. Each APS client has access to online cargo tracking system. To get more information about APS possibilities in transportations to Benelux countries fill in the feedback form or contact the nearest APS-office!

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