• APS video

    21 december 2018

    Delivery of the oversized equipment for the chemical industry to the Irkutsk region

    19 cars, 4 European cities, more than 7,000 km on the way ...                                                                                                                                                                       

  • APS video

    13 august 2018

    APS Sunny Day

    Quest, sports games, handmade vehicle fleet – APS corporate retreat.                                                                                                                                                          

  • APS video

    22 may 2018

    APS Fleet: refrigerators

    Average operating period of transport equipment is 2 years. We use new trucks with the capacity of 66 euro pallets, when loaded on two levels. Each truck is equipped with temperature registering machine with printing option and a remote thermometer for online tracking. All refs are able to carry ADR.

  • APS video

    14 may 2018

    Project transportation of the equipment of the cogeneration station power unit

    Transportation on 8 cars with the use of a class-solution on a route Sedziszow (Poland) – Syktyvkar (Russia).                                                                                           

  • APS video

    19 march 2018

    APS Client's Day

    Our greetings on Client's Day 2018.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  • APS video

    26 september 2017

    Delivery of the massive cargo on the low bed semi-trailer

    Oversized cargo transportation (shearing press) weighting 43 tons using the low loader on the route Italy – Kazakhstan.                                                                           

  • APS video

    22 september 2017

    Oversized cargo transportation on 8 trucks

    Transportation of mining equipment  using eight vehicles divided into two units on the route Austria – Russia. Megatrailers and standard tilt semi-trailers were used in
    this project.

  • APS video

    19 september 2017

    When width matters!

    Transportation of equipment  for wagons’ unloading with a width of more than six meters on the route Poland – Kazakhstan using two low loaders.                               

  • APS video

    05 june 2017


    APS office building was put into operation in Obchak Village, not far from Minsk, Belarus in 2016. Our own office building and service station with truck wash allow us to quickly respond to customer requests and keep our vehicles in a perfect technical condition and cleanliness.

  • APS video

    25 november 2016

    APS – transport logistic solutions of any complexity!

    Our tilt and refrigerated trailers can carry cargo weighting from 5 to 27 tons. Quality of APS transportation services is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, and our responsibility is guaranteed by CMR-insurance. We prepare transportation documents and provide access to our online monitoring system, while your cargo is being delivered door-to-door.

  • APS video

    11 march 2016

    APS – cargo shipping is our task!

    We provide oversized and project, FTL and LTL transportations, deliveries of high value and dangerous goods in all kinds of industries. The scope of APS services also includes insurance and customs clearance of goods.

  • APS video

    13 january 2014

    APS fleet expanded with 30 Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks

    When developing and increasing our truck fleet, we mostly care about the quality of our services and cargo delivery speed. Working with APS allows our clients to feel confident that delivery is carried out with the use of high-performance and excellent condition vehicles.

  • APS video

    26 september 2013

    APS new trucks. Scania R440

    Our trucks are assigned to Russian and Belarusian APS juridical entities.  Presence of own trucks allows us to give you firm guarantees vehicles used for delivering your cargo are in secure technical condition even during high seasons.

  • APS video

    10 january 2013

    APS new trucks. Mercedes-Benz Actros

    We are glad to inroduce our first ten tractors of this legendary brand to you. Tractors of the Actros line are able to handle every challenge, no matter how peculiar the cargo is, or how far it goes.

  • APS video

    26 october 2012

    APS new truck fleet. Renault Magnum

    More colors for APS! Just recently we have received 10 new vehicles. New Renault Magnum trucks equipped with Schmitz trailers. They do draw your attention!

  • APS video

    24 august 2012

    APS new truck fleet. Scania R420

    Being a customs carrier company allows us to provide refrigerated transportation services with any invoice value on the territories of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

  • APS video

    01 march 2012

    New brand means new opportunities

    Today we offer not just cargo transportation from one city to another – we offer an advanced technology and quality of delivery, a high degree of professionalism, forehanded approach to solving all your requests, a full and fair control of your shipment during the entire route.