A strategic transportation from Turkey to Russia by APS small-capacity truck

24 april 2014

A strategic transportation from Turkey to Russia by APS small-capacity truck Solving irregular tasks by APS-MINI

At the beginning of March we performed an unusual transportation from Turkey to Russia, thus delivering cargo from an absolutely new region.

As soon as we received the transportation order we began preparing driver’s documents for a Turkish visa, as well as all necessary supporting documents and the route itself.

The route went through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria and included 2 ferries (one of them was over the Black Sea to Novorossiysk). The cargo had strategic importance and its delivery had to be adjusted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of every country of transit. So our specialists had prepared a special route for it.

APS-MINI crossed the BG/TR border at the Kapitan-Andreevo border-post, which is one of the biggest and busiest in the world. But thanks to the cooperative work of APS specialists border-crossing took only 4,5 hours, and on the evening before the loading date the truck was at the loading place.


The driver had received the route map to Izmir beforehand. To reach this city truck had a ferry transfer through Dardanelle Strait (7 km wide). After loading the truck moved to Samsun, where it was ferried through the Black Sea to Novorossiysk. Thanks to APS ECD-department, the cargo was customs cleared in 30 minutes, regardless of the brokers’ absence at the port of Novorossiysk. Having left the port, the truck headed to Izhevsk, where the cargo was successfully cleared and unloaded.

This transportation satisfied everyone: customer continued cooperation, APS obtained unique experience and is now ready to perform regular transportations from/to Turkey by standard trucks and refrigerators as well as by small-capacity trucks.