Germany – Tyumen project is successfully completed

02 july 2013

Germany – Tyumen project is successfully completed APS is your reliable partner.

A project transportation from Germany to Tyumen was successfully completed at the end of June, 2013. APS specialists carefully planned all steps of the transportation, thus providing on-time cargo delivery.

Transportation required 7 trucks for oversized cargos and 1 standard truck for a container delivery.  Every oversized cargo was up to 3,1m wide, 12m long and weighted up to 19 tons.


All 8 trucks arrived to the loading place simultaneously, so the loading took only 1 day. Then, cargos were all together delivered to the customs terminal in Moscow and then to the place of unloading in Tyumen. Transit time was 10 days.


APS had a great pleasure to communicate with our client and his representatives during the transportation. We express our gratitude for fruitful partnership, which allowed us to perform the project on the highest level.

We also give thanks to APS specialists, who took part in organizing this project.  Due to such high performance APS is well-known and customers entrust their difficult projects to us!