Transportation of Exhibition Equipment with APS is easy and reliable

13 november 2013

Transportation of Exhibition Equipment with APS is easy and reliable We deliver exhibition equipment and exhibits to exhibition venues and back taking care of all the issues
related to crossing the border and registration of the documents.

A customs carrier license we have enables us to transport exhibition equipment to exhibition venues with no additional costs within the shortest time possible with no need for escorting and additional checks on each border. This greatly facilitates the organization of the transportation process, so the customer knows exactly that transportation of the exhibition equipment will be carried out on time.

In October 2013 Almaty hosted 'KIOGE-2013' Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition. KIOGE is one of the largest events in the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan and the Caspian region. Every year, the KIOGE brings together over 600 exhibiting companies from 30 countries of the world, including largest Kazakhstan and international companies that are world leaders in the oil and gas market and hold leading positions in the Caspian region and Central Asia.


Source: kioge.kz

During organization of the exhibition events APS transported exhibition equipment. We did our best to transport the equipment just in time to keep the customer satisfied and make the exhibition a success. Like with any other transportation, the customer could monitor on-line the movement of cargo through the system of satellite monitoring.