To Kazan with escort cars

11 april 2016

To Kazan with escort cars We have accomplished a carriage of high complexity en route Cologne – Kazan

An oversized cargo transportation always demands particular attention and gives a lot of trouble, but not to us!

APS faced the challenge of shipping a compressor station en route Cologne – Kazan with customs clearance in Smolensk. The dimensions of the cargo were 6.9 meters (length), 3.4 meters (width) and 3.35 meters (height). The weight was 17729 kg. The oversized cargo was transported by the block of 7 trailers: 3 law-frame and 4 standard trailers.


The obligatory condition of the carriage was organization of pilot cars security escort on the territory of Germany and Poland.

By the moment of crossing the border security escort cars had already been at place which allowed crossing the border in short terms and drive farther.  Three law-frame trailers passed Poland successfully in 2 days. Security escort not only makes it possible to speed up the process of transportation and to provide extra reporting of carriage status, but also ensures cargo and road-traffic safety.


Entrusting APS your transportation challenges you take the right decision!