APS Exhibits Transportations

05 march 2014

APS Exhibits Transportations APS does an outstanding job in valuable exhibits transportations.

Some time ago APS made several deliveries related to the cultural valuables transportation.

APS takes up exhibits delivery with great pleasure and precisely knows how important it is for an experienced and trusted carrier to work to the highest standard.

In the logistics chain APS is functioning as the carrier, transporting cargos  within specified time limits. Many important aspects are left behind the scene – proper packaging, customs clearance, installation, insurance and others, all this work is done by focused companies.

Paintings, sculptures and other pieces of art require special treatment during the transportation. Moreover, there are special customs clearance procedures for such cargos and delivery terms are of great importance. APS considers all these specifics and helps with documents examination.

In early February 2014, APS received an order to transport Tair Salakhov’s paintings (valued at 5 mln euros), which required temporary export from Azerbaijan’s territory to Paris, France. Abulfas Garaev, the Minister of Cultural and Tourism Affairs in Azerbaijan, defined the exhibition opening in France as a historical event for culture of Azerbaijan. “It is the first time an exhibition of an Azerbaijani artist is held at the French Academy of Arts.” – said the Minister, emphasizing, that the works of the outstanding artist Tair Salakhov are the heritage of humanity.



Earlier in 2014, APS transported exhibition known as  “Abramtsevo is the place of genius. M.A.Vrubel.” from Russia to Austria. After its closing the valuables were transported back to Russia. As the result, the exhibition, displaying works of one of the most remarkable artists of Modern, took place on time. This exhibition that displayed ceramic sculptures, paintings, canvases, designs of theatrical costumes, made by Mikhail Aleksandrovich, caught great interest of Austrian society. . Total value of all exhibition pieces is 8.7 mln euros, the delivery took 4 days.

During the transportation APS received a lot of client’s gratitude for on-time arrival at the loading point and helped with  documents checking.  Our customer’s words “Thank you once more for productive partnership” inspires APS for new effective solutions!