Transportation of medical equipment from the Netherlands to Yakutsk

13 june 2014

Transportation of medical equipment from the Netherlands to Yakutsk Transit from Moscow to Yakutsk took 12 days.

In March one of our good customers placed an order to transport medical equipment from the Netherlands to Yakutsk. This transportation of valuable cargo turned out to be super far and included severe road areas. Moreover, the cargo had to be unloaded on the left bank of the Lena river. There was no bridge to reach place of unloading; the truck could get there either by ferry when it is warm, or by crossing the river over the ice when it is cold. When the ice gets too thin for a truck to move over the river one can reach the city by plane only.

We took everything into account: transportation data, weather conditions, approximate delivery period and accepted the challenge! There were two more unloadings during the transportation: in Moscow and in Novosibirsk.


The truck had to reach the destination before the ice melts, so the transportation required 2 drivers. Every day we got real data on the ice condition and on maximum permitted truck weight for crossing. Everything was going well, the only thing we had to do was to arrive on time.

After unloading part of the cargo in Novosibirsk on Saturday morning, the truck continued its way to the М56 highway, which mostly doesn’t have asphalt coat and in warm-season looks like this:

In winter, when the ground is frozen and covered with snow it is still passable, but we arrived there in April, and the weather was warm, whereas at nights temperature was 15 degrees below zero.


As a result road condition turned out to be quite normal: there was some snow, but the road was cleared.  On some hills the truck had to be pulled.


Our drives did their best, working as hard as they could. At some places they had to move slowly, but even then tried to speed up the delivery. Late Friday night the cargo was delivered to the destination point by crossing the frozen Lena river. On Saturday the truck was unloaded and successfully crossed the river back.

All in all the distance of 8300 km was covered in 12 days (from March, 25th till April, 4th)

Thanks to APS team-work and regardless of all the difficulties, customer was satisfied and APS proved to be a high-class professional and moreover, acquired valuable experience.